American Civil War

First Person Accounts and Primary Source Documents

Lot 31
Fifty nine letters in lot. The civil war letters covers the service of Steve Conner as documented to his brother James from 1860 to 1865. He was in Company P 114th regiment under Brigadeer General Andrews. He is injured sometime in 1862 but returns to the army.  read more

Lot 28
Thirty-two letters from 1860-1870 covering the civil war period. Many of the pre-civil and early civil war letters are between members of the Work family in which several male members go off to war. Later letters are from a Joseph Boyd, a 115th Company D civil war soldier to his father John.  read more

Lot 26
Seventeen letters from John Knapp of the 9th Indianna company while recovering from wounds sustained in battles in Tennesse to a friend Mary Merrick of New York. He works as a "regular wound dresser" in the various hospitals during 1863/1864 and describes the scene in detail and troop movements in and out of the cities where he works.  read more

Lot 21
Two letters to sister Hannah from Charles Bettes stationed at Camp Berry in Maine during 1865.  read more

Lot 20
A short of list of discharged people to be removed from the pay roaster for the Union Army after the Civil War - 1870.  read more

Lot 18
One civil war letter written Captain George Roby of to Provost Marshal's Office in 1864 to Thomas Campbell of Cynthiana, Pike County talking about enrollment. read more

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