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18 July1865
exact date of 18 of July 1865
day of the month 18 July 1865
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1865
month of Julydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: James R. Conner
Washington, Fayette County, Ohio.

From: P.C. Wilson
Fort Smith Knoxville Tennessee.


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I'm  ______  is  here  (at  _______)  and  expects  to  teach  in  E.Texas.  Perhaps  we  may  find  a  place  for  you  if  you  desire  to  come  but  I  am  not  yet  out  of  the  _____  and  home  but  opportunity  to  both  around  than  I  shall  have  in  a  few  months  I  hope

With  assurances  of  pondered  remembrance

I  remain  your  friend

PLC  Wilson
___  Cols  2nd  Hall
Knoxville  Tennessee

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