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9 March1863
exact date of 09 of March 1863
day of the month 09 March 1863
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1863
month of Marchdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Brother James Conner

From: B. Crook
Pancoastburg, Fayette County, Ohio.

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I   shall   do   if   am   -   will   wait   &   see.   It   may   be   best   for   you   if   drafted   to   pay   $300,   for   you   could   pay   that   in   about   one   year's   teaching   &   [if]   you   go   into   the   army   you   may   have   to   stay   2   or   3   years   &   you   know   that   is   not   a   very   good   place   to   educate.   To   pay   $300   would   be   a   loss   of   only   about   one   year   to   you   &   many   poor   fellows   will   lose   3   or   more   and   their   lives   too.   I   think   now   I   shall   borrow   the   $300   if   drafted.   I   would   be   willing   to   give   that   doubled   if   that   would   bring   peace.   I   would   like   to   help   you   but   can   not   now.   I   have   to   use   all   the   economy   I   can   to   make   "ends   meet."   There   will   be   no   trouble   I   think   in   getting   schools,   as   so   many   teachers   have   gone   to   war.   Keep   up   your   courage   &   trust   in   God.  

B.   Crook

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