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First few letters in lot appear unrelated to others. Most letters are to James Conner from siblings Steve, Luke and Esther Conner. His brother Steve is injured while fighting and is recovering during 1862. Many letters are from him and returns to the civil war and many interesting letters during 1865 are sent by him home. He was in Company P 114th regiment under Brigadeer General Andrews. A large number of letters are from a person called Black, who boasts to be a trader in niggers and white men and several Crook who refer to James as brother. At least one Crook seems to be a preacher. Letters from many others living in the local areas James lived include Mary Miller, Robert Paden, J.S.Elder. Also contained in this lot were the appended Milton J Hough Corpoal in Company E of 54th Regiment 1862 June 25th Milton J Hough discharge papers 1865 June 7th Milton J Hough discharge papers Photograph with the name Uncle Hezekiah Watkins written on back Lot contained some undated material addressed to Prof. Conner, to children, Grandmother, Anna Conner and L.Brook which was not included.


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