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To: Mary E. Work (sister)

From: Cynthia Work

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Dear sister as you wished me to write you a letter. I have now seated myself to try to say a few words to you but I hardly know what to say for I am thinking all the time about our Isaac leaving as I have tried not to think about it but I can not help feeling bad for we will all miss him so much He wishes me to tell you what I would think of my aunt libby well I guess that I think more of her now than I did the first time that I seen her. She is very kind to all the folks and as for her step children they seem to respect her more than then did their own Mother now. Cynthia I will tell you something that I think looks pretty hard

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We was all invited to a party to David Rowlands at Christmas day that is the young people So Martha Everitt made her stepmother go along with her to the party she said she thought Mother couldnt be so lonesome I suppose she did not think that dear Aunt Mary would be lonesome and Cynthia when Marthas own mother was living but was to weak and feeble and not able to do anything they could all go to Fredricks and stay as long as they pleased. They did not think then that Mother would be lonesome now I think that seems somewhat hard but what I have said is even so now you must not think hard of me for talking so plain to you for you wished me to tell you something.

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And now Cynthia you are a very near and dear friend of mine and I hope you ever will be and I love you all and I think of you all every day and I would like to be with you and help you to do your work for I liked to work for you for you was all so very kind to me when I was with you Oh how I would like to see my boys as Mrs Brown called them I know that some of them have not forgotten me I said and took our last visit for this time.
Yesterday we went to Mr Trunks and took dinner and then to Aunt Sallys and took supper and then George and Jane Flaggerty and Samuel Trunk went with us to uncle abbels and there we staid till 10 oclock and then we went home

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And when we got home all the folks was in bed

I must stop now and answer one of dear little Aaron Works letters. No more at present
So farewell

Mary E Work

Cynthia Work

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