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23 August1863
exact date of 23 of August 1863
day of the month 23 August 1863
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1863
month of Augustdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr John Boyd (father)
Frederick, Schuyler County, Illinois.

From: Joseph E. Boyd Company D, 115th
Camp Butter.

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Camp Butler August 13th 1862

Dear Father

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well and hoping that you are doing the same. I have got my uniform all but my cap. I have got a _____ now, it is getting sun down the boys is all well. Patrick is on guard I have been drilling hard today as quick as ______ mustered in the regiment I will send my first likeness to you. We expect to be mustered in the regiment next Tuesday. But ___ is on guard. I have been on guard three times now they say that _____ is going to Chester to morrow and I am glad that we did not

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go in to it. Andy Drinley __________________ I like it first rate so far, jerry tolls sends his best respects I will try to get a furlow for a bout ten days there has been a bout fifteen got furlows I would like to see you all but as things is I cant get away, tell bob to write to me we are a half mile from Sangrim river and six miles from Springfield were (we're) a half mile from the railroad I want to know if you have got a letter from Arch of since I have borne away we have had a good time of it. Tell little charley and maggy and walter and johnny tell johnny that

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He can have all that I left behind I want to know how Bob Mc Kee is geting a long father is geting with work, no more at present and all the boys is well except Monroe Byeres he went to the hospital give my best respects to ingrimwood abe Farr and all the girls,

, Joseph Boyd
to his Father

Aug th 29 1862

Direct you letters to Camp Butler
Capt Kenelestep. Co. Col Moses __reg

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