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16 April1862
exact date of 16 of April 1862
day of the month 16 April 1862
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1862
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac L. Work

From: Lib Bowland
Chestnut Hill.

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Chestnut Hill
April the 16th

Isaac, I am astonished now and grieved to find myself so misunderstood by one of whom I had expected better. Now if it had been John I would have excused him for he is not much acquainted with me but you Isaac you.

I received your letter yesterday while in school. Mr Lott brought it. I knew the writing and opened it immediately. It wrung tears of mortification from my very soul, to find how grossly you had misinterpreted my meaning in the few lines I wrote to John. I do not remember exactly what I said for as I told you I was in a hurry. I did not read it after I wrote it to see what I had said for I thought it was going where it would not be misunderstood, but I find I was mistaken. I suppose I did say

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things which I ought not to have said. Isaac, excuse me, for I did not mean to offend nor be offended, I wrote just as I would have talked if I had been with you, and now go and read it again and see (if) you really would think me angry if I were to talk so when with you. Think if you have never heard any thing from me that sounded like that same language. I know you have, for I always say saucy words and write the same way, but I will try to be careful this time, but no it is no use. I can't write that way. I must be understood and then I can write with ease, and that is the way I want you to write to me, to not fear offending me believe me I am in earnest when I tell you this. You said you left, knowing your own mind but not knowing mine. Isaac that was

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Not the case I think for I am not the guilty double headed false headed creature with deceit upon my soul that you seem to think me. now do not misunderstand me and think me harsh, you say you wrote me that you were coming to my school and I did not say come. Well if you did I never received your letter but I am still in the schoolhouse so now I will say come and see the school and me too. I shall be glad to see you. Isaac I never received but two letters from you Did you write more? One of them I did not answer not because I would not but because I was afraid to trust my own heart, knowing as I do we are cousins. Isaac I did not give up without a struggle. Now you think me offended at a trifle I asked you plainly for your friendship and I will tell you plainly when I am weary of it, till then believe your friend
As to not sending my love that excuse I own I should not either have said or wrote

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Write I want to hear from you

I forgot to tell you we are all well

that, for it was a falsehood but I repeat it was carefulness in me. you told me to write the news I have not room but one thing I must write that is Isaac L Work is I hear going to be married soon. Is it so, I am in the schoolhouse now. Oh if you could only see the children playing they make the woods ring for it is recess and they make the house shake also as you will see by this but I like to see them enjoy themselves. Isaac I shall look for an answer, write to me if you can forget the past and believe me in earnest. If I could see you I would make you think I speak the truth. If you will come see me when you come back to Ohio we will talk this over. If you marry be sure and bring your sweet lady to see us. Nothing more. Give my respects to all who may inquire for me and to John in particular

If you will and I know you too well I think to doubt it, you may reserve a large share for yourself.

Lib Bowland to Isaac L Work

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

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