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10 November1861
exact date of 10 of November 1861
day of the month 10 November 1861
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1861
month of Novemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Boys

From: Jake W. Work

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How'd you do boys. Well, you know I left there at 4 a.m.. Felt kinda sick, paid the doctor $1.75. To Pigeon there at daylight. Took a walk out in the country. got to Uncles about 8 a.m. got a team and went back after my things. got them all safe stored all right at Uncles. and started home in the morning. got home about 11 a.m. Friends much surprised. They thought I had graduated rather quick. ate my dinner and then took Judy's letter out. they are well. Mr. Drivers folks have arrived. they got to Uncles just as I was leaving. Mr. Kimballs folks are well and are about through with their corn. our folks are about through. I husked for two days. I feel tolerably well. I sent to the doctor yesterday, he sent me some medicine, but I have not got any whiskey yet to put in to it. Henry Nashbaum has got our school for $50.00. David Nashbaum, I suppose you know him has got Browns school. I saw him Thursday night. He has got his certificate without much trouble. Lois Woodworth has got Grinners school. Aaron has not got a school yet for certain. You think he'll get Lebrocks school thats down west of Dave Hoovers.I have called with Friend Miller. He was very glad to see me. Moses is not any better. He looks bad. Mifts Willa ---- is married to ---- she went to see last spring. Lane E. Mast. H & Yrino is Y have gone down to Laport to chop around strery are to get 6s per --- and board themselves. If you was here I believe we would go to ------- is to be a singing this afternoon at the Union. And I don't intend to finish this letter till I get back.
Fathers coal pit is not quite burned yet. The you know you told me to leave my cain out of the house at the depot. Well I forgot it now. If you don't get it and bring it along, I will sue you for damages and I left my old hat, fetch it too. I want you to see Miss More and ask her for me how my act stands in regards to my lessons. Be sure and bring my composition and that other thing. I would like first rate to be there but then I would rather be here. Theres narry place like home. Our folks have got a great deal of work to do. They have the coal to take care of and some corn to husk and theres clover seeds to thrash. ---- ----- I have got back from

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singing school. I saw a good many of the friends. I saw Mr. Lentz. He said he had written to Wm. just a few days ago, and I told him that I intended to write tonight, and he told me to tell him to make arrangements to come home. That he did not want him to stay there next term. That is, he wants him to come home when the term is out to stay. Those boys have got back from ????. They did not make much and have ???? a school for five nights lessons more. The next lessons will be given two weeks from today. The weather here is changable, mostly pleasant. Dave straded off his cap on the way home. ??? if you can get as good a one as Dave was for it same price. Aaron will take it of you and be much obliged to you. I believe I left my linen coat there. I want you to bring it with you. Father would have been glad if I of brought those little chickens. Maybe you can get some and bring them along with you. James E.Searinar is in the Army. He wrote a ????(column) for the Goshen Times. I have not seen it yet they say it fills a column and more some ?????. I feel middlen well tonight. I have got an apetite like a young saw mill. I hope you may all get along well and enjoy yourselves. Give my love to all the boys, and especially

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