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17 October1861
exact date of 17 of October 1861
day of the month 17 October 1861
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1861
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Issac Work (Sir)

From: David Stemen
Crossville Perry County, Ohio.

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Near Crosssenville, Perry County, Ohio
October the 17th A.D. 1861

Dear Sir,
I will try and write a few lines to you after a long delay I will inform you that I received your letter dated May the 12th 1861 a long time since. I was very glad to here from you and I thought I would answer your letter soon but I shall put it off from time to time I want you to accuse me for not writing sooner if you please and I will try and do better in the future. I don't know very much to write this time. I will inform you that I am well at the time hoping that these few lines may find you in the same blessing. I am and have been going to school this fall at Sugar Hill House. I have went 29 day

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I intend going about five months. We have a singing every week at the school house. That is a geography singing. I was at William Funks at acron husking last night, I tell you we had a good time. I wish you had been there to went along with me. There has been a great many weddings in this neighbourhood since you left and still more going to be, Mr Henry Adcock and Miss Julienne Lott prospect of me living any other soon I spoke to a girl last Saturday night and I promise her tom come back in two weeks. I would very much like to know whether you was married or not. I want you to look over all my mistakes you find on this letter and excuse bad writing.

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I will inform you that all your friend are well in this neighbourhood as far as I know I sttated in your letter a little about the war excitement would ask you who is to blmae in this war. If it is the republicans itt is as I have been concerned I think it is very wrong. I will now bring my letter to a close hoping to hear from you soon. I want you to answer this letter as soon as it comes to hand and don't delay like I did. I send my love to you so much from

David Stemen and Isaac Work


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