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30 September1861
exact date of 30 of September 1861
day of the month 30 September 1861
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1861
month of Septemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: John W Work
Hillsdale, Michigan.

From: Aaron Work
Forest Grove, Indianna.

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Forest Grove 30th September 1861

Brother Isaac and John

I wrote to you just one week ago today but since then we read a letter from you mailed the same day that my letter left Wednesday.

Well in that letter I guess you all the news up to that time but as you wished answers to some important questions and folks wishes me to write you again.

In regard to enlisting father & mother think that better wait till this term closes at least and then they don't wish you to enlist in Michigan. Let Michigan furnish her own soldiers.

Indiana has done her past right up to the mark so far and still volunteers are turning out. If it is absolutely necessary for you to enlist when the term closes you can come home & go from here but it is to be hoped that the difficulties

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may be so nearly adjusted by that time as not to need any more soldiers. However wait and see; you have you to a good deal of expense already, and you are well aware that you need schooling; you say that you have got a good start in your studies now if you should leave school at this time, all these would be lost.

We are all pretty well. Sam is getting pretty well again. Moses, they think is getting a little better though it is hard to tell.

There has been no fruit yet. Our corn on the new lot is good, it is now fit to cut off. Our Potatoes are good. All the corn is good. That at John & Bens in nearly all cut up. James & Rob has cut the most of our part.

Dear Abel has paid off that note of Limes. We got your last letter. We have no heard from

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your at yet. Had no word from Ohio lately.

John Lee was married last Wednesday to Miss Newell out west of Middlebury.

I have written this in a great hurry. James & William Short are just ready to start to Blonds for boots and shoes. They are coming home by the Post Office & I wanted to send this with them.

No more at this time.

Write soon for we are anxious to know whether you got that money, or not. I mailed it in that other letter. It was in 3$5 & 1$1 on the State Bk of 2nd.

Aaron Work

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