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24 July1861
exact date of 24 of July 1861
day of the month 24 July 1861
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1861
month of Julydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Issac Work
Middlebury, Elkhart County, Indianna.

From: Mary E. Work

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July the 24th, 1861

Dear friends,

I have been working hard all day till supper was ready & having having finished my days work having eaten supper and sat down to rest my self I thought it my duty to write you a letter and let you know that we are all well at present. The friends are all well. I presume you received the letter that James sent to you to inform you of his loss. We all miss Maryann very much but it is her gain. There is eleven of us now to wait on and do for and more than one half is not able to do for themselves. Well it must be done somehow. We have to work pretty hard sometimes now.

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I am spinning this week and Jane and Lib is doing the other work. James has got his wheat all cut and in the barn and part of his hay. The neighbours was all through with their wheat before James could get to work at his and last Saturday week there was a number of them came in and helped him. They had seven cradles and they soon laid it down. We have kind neighbours. We had the hardest rain last week one day I think that we have had this summer. The water ran down the hills in torrents for a little while. We have had quite a dry summer. I am afraid the corn and potatoes will be very scarce or at least in a grate ( great) many places. We have no fruit of any kind this summer and I would

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like to be in yours and Samuel's orchards this fall and enjoy some of those nice apples that you talk about. Well I can talk about it at any rate for we do not always get what we desire. Notwithstanding I wish you all good health to eat your apples and when you eat them think of me for a moment. You wished to know if any of the folks was going to make you a visit this fall. Well I do not hear any talk about anyone going. You know it is pretty dangerous traveling in these days. Lib sometimes talks about her and I going to see you but it is all talk. Well I guess I have said it all. Give my love to all my friends in Indiana. So farewell for this time.

Mary E Work to all her friends

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