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5 February1861
exact date of 05 of February 1861
day of the month 05 February 1861
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1861
month of Februarydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Issac Work
Middlebury, Elkhart County, Indianna.

From: Mary E. Work

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Top of page, inverted: and Isaac you told me that you told Liz B not to mind anything that I would say well now I think she might almost count the words that have exchanged between her and I since the first inst of this year for I thought no more words should be said with her

Side of page: now Isaac I do not blame but I feel cold for Liz

Body of letter: Well Isaac I have a few words to say to you alone and I wish that I was near enough to you to speak to you and not have to write then. I could hear your answers and you could hear my questions and we could behold each others countenances and see how they would hang for it might be with anger or with joy. I cannot tell which will be the first place I will tell this a few days ago a young lady and I was talking about the folks and we spoke about you in our conversation and then she told me something that made me sick. It has never been off my mind fifteen minutes at a time since she told me only when asleep for it is the last thought before I go to sleep and the first when I awake. It is this, this lady told me that Rebecca Rowls told her that Samuel Larimer said that Isaac Works friends in Ohio would be very much fooled for he said you told some of them that you was not coming back to Ohio for five years but he said that you was coming back this fall to be married to your cousin Liz Boland. O god forbid that this be so. O said she to Rebecca do you think Isaac Work would be such a fool as to marry his cousin. Beck said she did not know but that was what Samuel said.
Now Isaac I never had heard before that you had set any defined time for your coming back and this same lady to me that a young man to her that Liz Boland had thrown herself in your way. Now my friend

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You see that others seen that as well as I have seen it. Do you remember about telling us about the girl that wanted to kiss you and and it made you hate her so bad. Now if Liz B has not done five times worse than that girl I do not know any thing and I know I am ignorant in some respects yet not in everything. Now Isaac I want you to tell me the truth of this matter and I hope that you have no such degrading notions as to marry anyone that is any way related to you. O young friend take a warning from one that is your friend more and so long as you retain your honor will be your friend. and seek the hand of one that is worthy of your love and let Liz B go. for I know that you are not so low down in this world as to be mean enough to marry your relations look down on such things with contempt and I heard someone say that Sally Burr had heard somewhat of my idea in this matter and that she said that a cousin would be good enough for you and she said that some of them was too good for you. Now Isaac if you are corresponding by letter with Liz B for I have heard that you are yet. I hope that it is not so. O please quit it and let them see that you can get an honorable companion and if you have a letter written to send to her when you get this never send it but put it in the fire.
O how can I think of you throwing yourself away in that way for I know that you need not do it for I know that you can get one that is worthy of you and to seek the love and heart of such one that will not be of a relation. Please answer my letter and tell me that you will not have Liz B or any other relation for a wife.

Isaac you said the thorn was pulled up never more to be planted and you said for me to put confidence in what you said and I have but I feel bad at present now ___________

Mary E W
Isaac L W

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