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22 May1861
exact date of 22 of May 1861
day of the month 22 May 1861
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1861
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Friend

From: Issac Work
Middlebury Po, Elkhart County, Indianna.


May the 27 1861

A Dear friend
I embrace the present time in writing you a brief epistle and to let you know that we are all well. I read your kind letter of the 20th inst. I received it last Saturday and was glad to hear from you once more. I also received one from your Brother Aaron the same day his was written the 18th of this month. well Isaac I was to a quilting last Friday week to Samuel Muston's and indeed I was quite amused when I went into his house for it is so small and I thought about the young man that went to see the Lady Louise and I had to laugh for I thought of what a little house to spark great talk indeed.

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and last Wednesday I was to the folks to a quilting and I have been to one singing since you left this now Isaac in speaking of the national matters you said you hoped that none of your friends had taken any part in the egg spree at Bremers nor I can tell you that none of Mr. Larimer's sons in law had any hand in the pie stuff but his own son Samuel was the head man some of the folks think that there would have been nothing over the pie stuff if it had not been for Samuel Larimer I believe that you have heard something about its being him

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I do not know but I judge from the way that you spoke of the affair that you are not as ignorant as you pretend to be and I think that you are a little somewhat spunky when you speak of national matters and I do not blame you for it as it is rather too bad. now I have said pretty near enough for this time for I have not got much to write. I wish you to take comfort I rejoice with you in the pleasant anticipation of meeting your friends in your own sweet home and then I will expect a letter from you that is if I am thought worthy and if not I can not help it I must bid you farewell for this time please excuse all mistakes and look over my poor writing for I am no scholar receive my respects
Mary E Work
Isaac L Work

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