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7 May1861
exact date of 07 of May 1861
day of the month 07 May 1861
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1861
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr. Isaac L. Work
Middlebury Po, Elkhart County, Indianna.

From: William M Work


Bushcreek May 7th

Isaac I received your letter in due time with much pleasure to hear from your folks for I was looking for a letter from you. The folks are all well I believe accept aunt Evrill, she is still getting week(sic) and wareing(sic) away, she can not sleep much on account of the cough we have had a wet spring till a week or so. The weather has been dry and warm folks is planting corn, it is a nice time for planting corn the leaves and grasses growing fine. I would like to go out to see you this summer but I cannot go but some of you could come in and give us a visit. I have two mutch on hands and not much at last.

I only work by days works and not often I do anything if I keep on as I have I'll be a stout man. Some day I have commenced __use whitch(sic) has _____so far very well and I do not calculate to do much. I want you to tell Miligan that I am well pleased with his letter when he gets to wright try to wright grammother and I a good long letter grammother could read it well. I want to know how much five buck hides would cost that is well drest if they only cost one dollar per hide I would like to have five very well let me know what they cost if you could send them in with someone or bring them in your self. I would like to have them if they do not cost only dollar apease(sic) and I would pay yo(sic) for them.

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Isaac you said something about getting a wife. I have none I would rather get a place to keep one first before I would get one build a cage before I catch the bird I have no trap set for one. You must give me a good long letter of what is going on out there I must close for want of time, write soon fair well Isaak
Let me know what five hides will cost.

William Motit Work to Isaac Work

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