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6 May1861
exact date of 06 of May 1861
day of the month 06 May 1861
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1861
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work
Hillsdale, Michagan.

From: Aaron Work
Forest Grove, Indianna.

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Forest Grove Indiana, 6 May 1861,

Brother Isaac,

I have been marking shingles today but having to quit work on account of a shower. It is a good time to drop you a line.

We are in usual health. There is some sickness about through the neighborhood. A Hoover the youngest child has been ill for some time and is bad yet. Jones Miller is down with the fever but he and Murray is lying and Andy Roughs very low with what is thought to be consumption.

John is at work for Hoover. Ian and James are drawing manure. Father is at working in Eldridge's field in the woods and Johns field west of the grave yard to put in corn about 22 acres in all. The have plowed about 1 1/2 days. The weather has been very wet and awkward, which has been a great hindrance to putting in spring crops.

Well Isaac I would not have written so soon but you know that these are exciting times and our folks thought from the first of your last letter that you were somewhat excited and they wished me to caution you a little. Now you are amongst strangers and those of your sentiments

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are in the minority and it don't seem time that you would be likely to expose yourself to the abolition rabble. But you know Mother is a little excitable and it is best to please her notions. I would just leave these hot heads alone. Let them have their own way. Just think what you have a mind to but say nothing.

I know the nigger makes a nasty dose and mighty hard to swallow but unless they undertake to rain it down you, don't resist. I agree with you exactly in your determination of the abolitionists for I do believe if they had attended to their own business there would have been none of this trouble in the Union.

I think the south is to blame in part. First they should have not seceded until they gave Lincoln a fair trial and neither had they any right to seduce Fort Sumter. Now I think since the South commenced the war, that it is the North to defend every foot of ground that belongs to her. Washington city included. But for the North to got across the line to cross the South into loyalty, I think it would be folly in the extreme. There have been some in the neighborhood threatened by the Middlebury Mob, but as yet nobody is hurt. To war I am compelled to and there are a great many others of the same notion.

I must close for want of room. Keep cool, Write whenever convenient. Let me know when the firm closed. Believe me yours as ever.

Aaron Work.

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