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23 April1861
exact date of 23 of April 1861
day of the month 23 April 1861
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1861
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work
Hillsdale, Michigan.

From: Aaron Work
Forest Grove, Indianna.

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Forest Grove, Indianna

23 April 1861

Brother Isaac,
We received a letter from you week before last and we have all neglected to write you sooner. We are all well now and have been sice you left. Moses L is getting better slowly. He has got up to Alex Mcs. Orld Mrs Daniel Miller died last week of typhoid fever. "Betsy" M has been very low with it but I guess she is getting better. Adam Yadas Little John was buried week ago Sunday. Drew Able moved away last week. Lime took both our colts for $185. Scott moved on his farm. Michael Rodrick now lives in Dave Eldbridge house. Father has bought five acres of land from P.E. on the corner. It measured 40 rds long (N&S) and 20 rds wide. He paid $40 down and is to pay the balance next October.

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I have not got throught drawing to Millersburg yet. Father and I went down there last Thursday, cut and hewed sleepers and drawed them up stone and helped lay the foundation of my house. We came home Friday eve Iam B has been to work at the grame and has it about ready to raise. The weather has been extremly wet all spring. I never saw the roads worse than they have been in the woods. I took a lod of joists to Millersburg today and I have just returned. It has rained nearly all this afternoon. I went to the Fairpatch last Saturday. I attended labbath school and preaching in the afternoon and evening. I attended church in Ligionier. I had a good time, I came home yesterday afternnon - bought the school maam and plasterers along home with me. The 4 plasters missed the master and went home agina. He is coming

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again next week. Hane commended the school this morning. Those Millersburg thieves are to be tried this week. J davis is attending court in Albion as a witness, Hoffman went weast last week and has not returned yet. Brie has charge of the store in their absence. There is a good deal of excitement at the different towns in regart to the war. A great many fellows who are too laxy to work are enlisting, so now we see in all probability get rid of some of the "Trash". John is at work for Hoover, we have finished pailing in the garden, We have not had any word from Ohio for some time. Mary E and Jake M. were married tow weeks ago Sunday. I belived that I have writtend all of imposters I must now close. Now Isaac, take good care of your health. Morals manners and political principle

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Believe me yours as ever,

Aaron Work to I.L Work.

P.S. I had not seen any of Mr. Lutzes folks for some time but I guess they are all well.

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