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23 March1861
exact date of 23 of March 1861
day of the month 23 March 1861
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1861
month of Marchdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac L. Work
Hillsdale Michigan.

From: Aaaron Work
Forest Grove , Indiana.

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Forest Grove, Indianna

23 March 1861

Brother Isaac,

We read yours of the 17th in due time and were glad to hear that you had things so well arranged for a good start. Now Isaac, how all among strangers but don't get discouraged. Be not hasty in joining your acquaintance, but use caution with all, but intimate with few. Time will prove all things, and the longer time you take in proving a true friend, the truer that friend will prove. Now Isaac, presevere there is no greatness without preserverance and remember that you are now farming rabbits. (or strengthening those already found) which will tell in after life. Mr Lutz and I got this fore this evening about sundown. I succeeded in engaging 1100 feet of lumber & Mr Lutz sold nearly all of his Molasses in Pigeon and on the way home father and I went to Benlands. Father bought a set of harness. This week I have ben variously employed. Tuesday I went sugar fielding for Alex. Mr Kibbin. David went along. We went to Pigeon and sold about $9 worth thence to Constantine where we disposed of the balance. Our sugar averaged about 10 1/2 cts per lb. Amounting to some 33 1/2 dollars. We found money hard to get hold of but had good luck not withstanding we started from here. (having come this far the previous evening) before daylight and got home about dark. I guess we stalled the market for Murrays and Roderick went Wednesday and were gone two days and he did not or could not sell all their sugar at any price.

I have taken two loads and father one to Millerburg this week. Dan E & Shiverly saved for me yesterday. Today debarked at Drew Abels sale. This was a very very stormy day, raining, snowing, freezing and blowing. And tonight the winds blows hard and cold. I had to intend to go to Middleburg tomorrow if well and the weather not too inclement to see Mary Elliot swing off. I am Nussbaum and Kate went were married the day before you left.

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Samuel Lasiver stated that he wished you to write you to him. We sent a letter this week from Aunty Mary stating that I & Miss Elly were to be married on the 21st so that Iam is "a man amongst men". Uncle I, Aunt A and Sarah came down Thursday and have been visiting around. They had intended on going home today but the weather hindered them. They will stay till Monday. Mr Brown intends on leaving on Tuesday. We are all in usual health. Moses L is getting better slowly. He is only just able to sit up a little. Wm folks are well I believe. His father passed by here today. Well it is now bedtime. Isaac write often and let us know how you get along and wel try and answer your letter in same shape as this.

Hoffman and Davis have caught the thieves that stole their goods. Bill Gettis is one of them the others are strangers.

I want to know what studies you have. How you like your boarding place? Whether you have become acquainted with any of the Ladies He He He

Aaron Work

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