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2 January1857
exact date of 02 of January 1857
day of the month 02 January 1857
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1857
month of Januarydecade of the 1850s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work

From: Maggy Work, Elizebeth Work, Matilday Work, Mary Work
Bremen, Freefield County, Ohio.

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Feb 1st 1861

From Bremen Freefield Co. Ohio,

Dear Cousin,

I thought I would write a few lines to tell you how we all got along that day after you left. We staid til after the diner and then we started for home. Cousin Elizebeth came home with us and as we were going along the road we all said that each of use would write a letter. That night I willl tell you that Mr. Everet stayed and took breakfast with us and then he struck for the Tall Timber. He took the hankerchief with him but that is not the last of the fun yet. When we were all together that night. When Alexander got his coat tore and lost his hat. Thought that was best of the fun at the time.

I have nothing more to say at this time. I will have to stop writing for this time and give you the rest of the resst of them soon to tell what they think of the time. I give my love to you.

Mr and Mrs. Maggy Work to Isaac Work.

Please write and tell how you got home.

Dear Friend,

I take pen to hand to let you know that we feel much better than we did this morning you left Ohio. We had a good night's sleep and I hope that you feel some better than you did the morning of the 31 I came home with you to attend the exibition of the school house toay and it is raining so I don't know whether we will get to go . The rain freezes as it falls and make the road so slippery. I have got no news together to write. I wish you were here to go with us this afternoon and help us over the rain. I have not head from Alexandreas coat since you left whether he got mended as not he got the hat with out the handle and it made home feel like dancing tucker. I have written all I can at present. Give my love to all and take a big share to yourself.

Write soon and let me know how you got home.

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Well Isaac.

I think as the rest of them are writing to you I thinnk I will have to write and tell you that I feel much better today than I did after you left fore I could not sleep that night of thinking that you had to leave ys in the morning but I hope you are home enjoying yourself with your brother. Oh I wish it would stop raining fore we all want to go to the school house and see how things give off there, Well I think it will in time ofre to fo. Mily and Elizebeth were here last night and three in a bed is thick but we was too sleepy that we did not mind it. We was all very sorry to see you leave but I hope you will come back in two or three years. I thought O would get to kiss shuger but fashin with Mr Everet that night but my sister got in ahead of me. My pen is poor and my ink is black if you can't read this send it back to Matilda Work to Isaac Work. Remember me!

Dear cousin,

I don't feel so sleepy today as I did yesterday. That is nothing one ought to loss sleep over when friends meet who lives so far away from each otehr. We got disappointed this afternoon. We did not get to the school house to see the fun. It rained so we could not go but as we did not get to go. If you were where we could dance tucker without the time and be in the fashin. I will tell you what we had before dinner, has bones and potatoe and I thought Betty and I would founds we finish of no pickle. Take a good laff when you see this. I hope you had a fine time getting home. I expect you went to sellp in the care of a fase did not get to eleep the night before you went. I thik I would stop sister fast this time fore you will get out of sitting.

Mary Work to Issac Work.

Remember me! I give my love to you and the rest!

This letter written in kind and partnership,
Maggy Work, Elizebeth Work, Matilda Work, Mary Work.

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