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24 February1847
exact date of 24 of February 1847
day of the month 24 February 1847
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1847
month of Februarydecade of the 1840s.
1800s century

To: Brother

From: Henry
Crossansville, Ohio.

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Dear Brother,

I do not know whether you received my last letter or not. My object in writing to you is to say be careful as to how you send the money as letters have lately been found in the fence corner between here and Bremers. John Addams says he was at the office when Stewart Hilgard stepped in and asked for the mail. Gardner said 'No you can't have it. I was told not to let you carry the mail to Crofs anymore. I have strange & wonderful news to tell you, one week ago tonight there was a spelling school at i got some pussy. Don't tell my wife. two little girls I mean, about 8 o'clock they came home, and then went on up stairs to bed, the girls slept in the same room with their father, they did not make a light. Jennie the older one got in bed, Hallie was get on the floor, she spoke to Jennie that she could not hear their father's breath. She went over to his bed, he was not on this pillow, he had rolled over against the wall...--> NAH PUSSY!!

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& was on his face, they call --, he came down, get a light, went to the bed, turned him over, he was dead, was bleeding at the nose, sent for Dr. Holcomb, he came, pronounced him dead, he had died in one his fits. -- ran over on the hill & called the folks at Rosofs, so there was quite a crowd, -- the cloths were not moved off him, was undressed, thought had not struggled any he had told them that he expected they would come home some night & find him dead, -- took those spells after night, he told them if he died they should get a plain coffin, & bury him in a shroud, we all went, -- preached funeral, text the sting of death is sin, 15 chap - --- of 1st -- , first hymn, they sang commenced --, where are the dead in heaven or hell. He went passed here in the afternoon riding on a horse, hitched to a sled, had been down to Sarah Stolfes for a stick of timber to make a sled, went home & went up to Sam Foehts. He was there nearly all the afternoon. Jill said she was very funny and --- more so than usual. He pulled off wrapper and said was going to march right went home, & come back to Henry...

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