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Thirty-two letters from 1860-1870 covering the civil war period. Most of the letters are from members of the Work family and very close friends. Pre civil the Work family are vey reluctant to get involved in the politics of the day and show a mistrust for strangers, both male and female members of the family gradually become more politised until Isaac goes to form a company in the union army to fight in the civil war. He believes it'll bring good profits. Lots of local news too in these letters with many letters about marriages and relationship gossip. Many letters have multiple authors, to save on postage, from a boy David Stemen. Towards the end of the lot three of four letters are from Joseph Boyd to his father John. Joseph too is a soldier and a least for sometime is stationed at Camp Butter with the 115th Company D. NOT ALL THESE LETTERS WERE READ. PLEASE HELP US TRANSCRIBE THEM AND THEN UPDATE THIS SUMMARY.


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