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A civil war soldier John Knapp confides in a friend Mary Merrick of New York. He enlisted August 15th 1861 and served with the 9th Indiana company. Following an injury sustained at Stone River, Tennesse on December 31st 1862, he was hospitalised and begins to write this collection of seventeen letters. Letters are roughly once per month and although the first two letters are poorly (due in part to the injury to his hand - ref1) others are well-written. He works as he describes it as a "regular wound dresser" and he describes in great detail the suffering and the numbers the civil war brings to this hospital.

Soldiers Mentioned
Susan Hall of Tompskin, New York joined before the announcment of the war. John H Clauson died of disease 6/1/1863 Joseph D. Mead wounded on same day as John Knapp muster out 15th September 1864
One letter contains a locket of hair.

According to photocopied documents from Governmental departments included with this lot, John L. Knapp ceased to be employed in either military or naval service on the 15th of September 1864. He died July 15th, 1895 at Spring Valley, Illinois. He got married to Talitha S. (nee Norton) Knapp perhaps female relation of Surgeon in charge of hospital (see d14)

His widow Talitha S. (nee Norton) Knapp claimed his pension at the age of 59 at an address in Fulton, Whiteside county, Illinois. Talitha died April 7th 1921.
ref1: Lost ihis fore finger on his right hand.
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