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21 October1863
exact date of 21 of October 1863
day of the month 21 October 1863
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1863
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Miss Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: John L. Knapp ninth Indiana Company
General Hospital no3, Nashville, Tennessee.


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Hospital No
Nashville Tenn Oct st

Friend Mary
your welcomed letter came to hand today it found me in usual health which many a poor soldier does not enjoy and of which I am thankful Today is one of those beautiful autumn cool and pleasant have had some rain the past week The trees are getting on their golden colors again it reminds me of home when I used to go to singing school apple cuts and waiting on the girls home on those "" Well those times are past I did not appreciate them times then as I think I should now

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Well as my grandfather and mother used to say there is a better day a coming I hope so Our hospital is now filled up with wounded they seem to be doing well but few amputations as yet One man had his right arm taken off a few days ago poor fellow it looks harder to see one with the right arm off them than the left but so the fortunes of war go How many cripples there will be after this Civil war is over I feel sometimes as though I would like to see all the Rebs in the lower regions when I see our young men of the north crippled up in that way I think this rebellion is kicking its last but there is some long kicks to give it yet

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before it is ended I should like to see it ended when my term of service expires if I live so long They talk some of letting the old soldiers go home and allow them their furlow time So things can recruit up the regiment again Well I think that there is some that would not enlist right away three years is quite a long time to serve Well I am I suppose I could have had a commission in a colored Regt if I would except it but I think I would rather be "" at present I shall be pleased to visit Henry Kinzey and lady when I come to that part of the country I have not heard from my "" in hull for some

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I expect a letter every day there is nothing of importance going on here now the excitement has all past since the Battle but are looking for another soon

I like that story very much I should think that old man was a copperhead as he would not have talked in this way if it was not for these "" "" gives I dont know what the soldiers would do I am speaking of northern girls for the girls in this country detest the union soldiers all "" I meet them daily they have a cold sour look on but what do "" when we have whipped the Rebs out of this place and we are going to "" now they will "" that they can not break down the best government that was ever known for uncle Sams boys will not allow it the women are as much implicated as the men that serve them to do the deeds that they have done Excuse writing I do better next time Truely yours
As ever

My respects Pa and Ma and all enquiring friends write soon

JohnL Knapp

I am always glad to get your letters

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