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4 October1863
exact date of 04 of October 1863
day of the month 04 October 1863
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1863
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Miss Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: John L. Knapp 9th Indiana Company
General Hospital #3, Nashville, Tennessee.


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Hospital No
Nashville Tenn Oct th

Dear Mary
your kind letter came to hand today and you may be assured that I was glad to hear from you I am in usual health my hand troubles me quite a considerable bit this cool weather as it is getting quite cold now so overcoats have come in use again I assume it is as cold here as it is in your State I am afraid that my hand will always trouble me in cold weather I am satisfied that it will never be as sound as the other again I think I shall be able to almost any kind of business though

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I hope so as it is my desire to go to farming as soon as my term of service expires Well Mary there is a great battle fought at Chattanooga and on the eve of another which if we are victorious will decide the war and shortly in the late battle the Rebs attacked with Rosecrans with about one hundred and twenty thousand Rosey had about thousand quite a difference and Rosey held his position although he lost about thousand killed and wounded and taken prisioners There are troops passing through here every day from the army of Fotanmae General Howard and Stoleman corps Rosecrans will soon have one hundred thousand then Rebs will have to run or die The best for them to die or they will never make good citizens again

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the place where you could enjoy yourself forming acquaintances with the Ladies and Gents of Ithaca In your next let me know how you like it in the city and how you like the young folks there and let me know how you like Henry Kinzeys wife I Reed a letter from Sarah yesterday She was well her school was nearly out Only one week to more to teach All the folks here met in "" Charles Mathers has married and started on a wedding "" "" probably he may stop and see you Mary excuse this writing Give my respects to all that know me in Tompkins your pa and ma in particular Write often and I will do the same From your affectionate Friend

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