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12 September1863
exact date of 12 of September 1863
day of the month 12 September 1863
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1863
month of Septemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Miss Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: John L. Knapp 9th Indiana Company
General Hospital no. 3, Nashville, Tennessee.


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General Hospital No
Nashville Tennessee


Dear Mary

Your kind letter came to hand yesterday and I am always punctual in writing I like tho present to address a few lines to you You said that you did not owe me any but I have written two that I have not read any answer from One dispatched to you and one to your mother Well here I am at no yet in the same business that I have been for the last months I like it very well So far I have had some easy times and some hard But it is

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Nothing compared with field service I served months in the field Sometimes we had enough to eat and sometimes not half enough Here we have regular meals and that is good Not like home a soldier does not appear to gain as though he was home Well I have but months more to stay in the army and then my time will be out You may look out for me to visit you as I intend doing up my visiting before settling down to business Well I suppose you enjoy yourself living Ithaca and well after you get though your term you must take a trip to Indiana Sarah sounded

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happy to see you I havent much to write at present but I will try and fill up this page Old Rosey as we soldiers call him is after Bragg again He has Chattanooga and Bragg is running for Georgia It is the option of most officials and people in general that this rebellion is about used up There will be but a few armed Rebels by next spring I think I am fighting them until they are all subdued I have had considerable experience I think I have been in regular battles and a great many skirmishes Too many to mention The weather is getting cooler

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Write often and I will always answer Very respectfully your friend

I read a letter from Sarah She stated that she has not been well but thought she would be better in a few days I hope so poor girl She is getting lonesome but I hope to be home before long to cheer her up My respects to your pa & ma

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